Upcoming Concerts

Date City  Venue  Country   Description Time
DEC 1ST 2018 SATURDAY Undefined city, Paje Zanzibar. New Jungle Orchestra - Jahazi Festival Feat.: Dawda Jobarteh, voc & kora 21:00
DEC 30TH 2018 SUNDAY Blågårds Plads, Koncertkirken, Denmark. New Year Surprise Concert **** NJO proudly presents Lelo Nika 20:00
AUG 16TH 2019 FRIDAY Hirtshals, Den gamle Station, Denmark. Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra 20:00
JAN 26TH 2019 SATURDAY Køge, Musikbygningen, Denmark. New Jungle Orch. Proudly Presents *** Maestro Kasper Tranberg 20:00
SEP 1ST 2019 SUNDAY Lolland, Fuglsang Museum, Denmark. Pierre Dorge & New Jungle Orchestra ***** The Goldburg Sound ***** 15:00
JUN 8TH 2019 SATURDAY Nibe, Halkær kro & Kulturhus, Denmark. New Jungle at Halkær Festival*** presenting special guests - among others NUALA KENNEDY irish flute 21:00
SEP 24TH 2019 TUESDAY Ry, RY HØJSKOLE, Denmark. New Jungle ****** Celebrating 39 years on planet Earth 20:00
NOV 29TH 2018 THURSDAY Stone Town, Seyeda, . Dawda in the jungle **** New Jungle at Zanzibar feat.: Kora master Dawda Jobarteh 21:00
AUG 28TH 2019 WEDNESDAY Svaneke, Svaneke Gården, Denmark. Pierre Dørge´s New Jungle Orchestra ***** from a Baltic point of view 20:00
NOV 30TH 2018 FRIDAY Zanzibar, Stone Town .Jahazi Festival, . New Jungle Orchestra ..Jahazi Festival Feat.: Griot Dawda Jobarteh - voc & kora 20:00

Concert History

Date City  Venue  Country   Description Time
DEC 30TH 2008 TUESDAY Copenhagen, Copenhagen Jazzhouse, Denmark. New Year Concert Feat. Austrian Singer Annette Giesriegl. 20:00
MAR 13TH 2009 FRIDAY Copenhagen, Denmark. Lille Claus og Store Claus Pierre Dørge: Lille Claus og Store Claus (uropf.) NJO m. Jess Ingerslev, Percurama Percussion Ensemble og Voices Vocal Ensemble. 19:30
JUL 8TH 2009 WEDNESDAY Copenhagen, Global, Nørre Allé 7, Denmark. Copenhagen Jazzfestival NJO feat. NJO 16:00
OCT 9TH 2009 FRIDAY Copenhagen, Sankt Jakobs Kirke, Denmark. Kulturnatten 20:00
DEC 20TH 2009 SUNDAY Copenhagen, Frederiksberg Slotskirke, Denmark. Church Concert - free admission 16:00
MAY 6TH 2010 THURSDAY Copenhagen, Koncertkirken. Blågårds Plads, denmark. New Jungle Orchestra Master Altosax Zeuthen is featured as composer and soloist 20:00
MAR 2ND 2010 TUESDAY Copenhagen, The Opera House, Main Stage|, Denmark. Karavane Trippel Concerts Concerts for children Pierre Dørges New Jungle Orchestra (NJO), LINensemble og Thomas Sandberg 10:00
MAY 29TH 2010 SATURDAY Copenhagen, Aksel Larsens Plads, 2200, Denmark. Nørrebros Hjerte Afsløring af Bjørn Nørgaards skultur - Nørrebros Hjerte - Taler & koncert kl 15 14:00
JUL 9TH 2010 FRIDAY Copenhagen, Glassalen, Tivoli, Denmark. NJO feat. Troubadurens lærling v/ Ib Michael NJO jubilæums act præsenteret af Copenhagen Jazzfestival 20:00
DEC 27TH 2010 MONDAY Copenhagen, Copenhagen Jazzhouse, . New Year concert New Jungle Orchestra 1980-2010 featuring jazz giant John Tchicai 20:00
JUL 3RD 2011 SUNDAY Copenhagen, Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2011, Denmark. NJO feat. Stephen Riley ....... Sketches of India - music from the new CD 14:00
DEC 28TH 2011 WEDNESDAY Copenhagen, Kulturhus Islands Brygge KIB, Denmark. The French Connection - New Year Concert - Doudou Gouirand and Michel Marre. - will be at KIB (not Copenhagen Jazzhouse) - we proudly presents 2 fantastic French musicians - Doudou Gouirand, alto and Michel Marre, trp + petit tuba. 20:00
MAY 18TH 2012 FRIDAY Copenhagen, ØSTERFÆLLED TORV, DENMARK. POÈME AUTOMOBILE pour Voitures, contre-ténor, voix, vents et percussions. duration: 10 min 18:30
MAY 18TH 2012 FRIDAY Copenhagen, FESTIVALCAFÉ Østerfælled Torv 37, Denmark. SATIE AVEC DU JAZZ The Jungle Orchestra have a ball playing Erik Satie's timeless tunes. 22:15
JUL 15TH 2012 SUNDAY Copenhagen, Toldboden, Denmark. James Blood ULMER in the New Jungle ******* Pierre Dørge meets James Blood Ulmer at COPENHAGEN JAZZFESTIVAL @@@@@ TWO GUITARS @@@@@ 20:30
JUL 9TH 2013 TUESDAY Copenhagen, Kongens Have, Denmark. COPENHAGEN JAZZ FESTIVAL ******* HEJ TATA TCHICAI 16:00
DEC 29TH 2013 SUNDAY Copenhagen, KIB, Kulturhus Islands Brygge, Denmark. Nytårskoncert ...... Surprise Concert - Islands Brygge Kulturhus 20:00
MAY 6TH 2014 TUESDAY Copenhagen, Loppen, Christiania, Denmark. New Jungle at Loppen again …. opening concert September 26th, 1980 21:00
JUL 6TH 2014 SUNDAY Copenhagen, Kulturhuset Islands Brygge, Denmark. Copenhagen Jazz Festival * NJO feat. Shashank Subramanyame,flute - et fænomen i indisk musik 20:00
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