Upcoming Concerts

Date Venue  City  Country   Description Time
AUG 15TH 2017 TUESDAY Udby Kirke, Vordingborg. Musik Festival i Udby -Ørslev New Jungle Orchestra, dir P.Dørge bl.a. musik af Carl Nielsen 19:30
SEP 24TH 2017 SUNDAY Mariendals Kirken, Frederiksberg. Kirkekoncert Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra ******* fejrer 37 års fødselsdag 16:00
SEP 26TH 2017 TUESDAY Ry Højskole, RY. New Jungle Orchestra ******* 19:30
SEP 27TH 2017 WEDNESDAY ATLAS, Århus. PIERRE DØRGE & New Jungle Orch. ******* Surprice concert 20:00

Concert History

Date Venue  City  Country   Description Time
APR 29TH 2011 FRIDAY Gimle, Føllenslev, Denmark. Pierre Dørge presents New Jungle Orchestra New CD - 30 års jubillæumskoncert 20:00
APR 8TH 2011 FRIDAY Nefertiti, Göteborg, Sweden. Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra featuring Ayi Solomon, African Perc. Ghana 19:00
APR 7TH 2011 THURSDAY Borås Jazz, Borås, Sweden. Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra featuring Gunnar Halle, trp, Norway 20:00
APR 6TH 2011 WEDNESDAY Vänersborg Jazz, Vänersborg, Sweden. New Jungle Orchestra, cond. by Pierre Dørge featuring one of the best bassplayers in Denmark, Swedish Thommy Andersson 19:30
APR 5TH 2011 TUESDAY Örebro Jazz, Örebro, Sweden. New Jungle Orchestra, cond. by Pierre Dørge featuring one of the best bassplayers in Denmark, Thommy Andersson, Örebro 20:00
DEC 27TH 2010 MONDAY Copenhagen Jazzhouse, Copenhagen. New Year concert New Jungle Orchestra 1980-2010 featuring jazz giant John Tchicai 20:00
NOV 21ST 2010 SUNDAY Svejbæk kirke,Julsøvej 130 8600 Silkeborg, Denmark. Kirkekoncert 15:00
NOV 20TH 2010 SATURDAY Vallekilde Højskole, Denmark. Odsherred Koncert Musikforeningen DRAUGET 20:00
NOV 19TH 2010 FRIDAY Biografen i Stege, Stege, Denmark. 30 års i Junglen NY CD Biografen..... proudly presents New Jungle Orchestra 20:00
NOV 18TH 2010 THURSDAY Godset, Kolding, Denmark. Kolding goes Jungle ..... NJO fejrer 30 år i junglen 20:00
NOV 17TH 2010 WEDNESDAY Badeanstalten, Slagelse, Denmark. Verdensjazz NY CD .... 30 år i junglen 19:30
OCT 17TH 2010 SUNDAY Cafe Central, Madrid, Spain. Jungle music Martin Andersen drums 22:00
OCT 16TH 2010 SATURDAY Cafe Central, Madrid, Spain. Thommy Andersson bass New Jungle Orchestra 22:00
OCT 15TH 2010 FRIDAY Cafe Central, Madrid, Spain. Anders Banke plays bassclarinet... .... New Jungle Archestra 22:00
OCT 14TH 2010 THURSDAY Cafe Central, Madrid, Spain. Jakob Mygind plays sax .... New Jungle Music 22:00
OCT 13TH 2010 WEDNESDAY Cafe Central, Madrid, Spain. Morten Carlsen plays tarogato ..... New Jungle 22:00
OCT 12TH 2010 TUESDAY Cafe Central, Madrid, Spain. Gunnar Halle plays .... New Jungle... 22:00
OCT 11TH 2010 MONDAY Cafe Central, Madrid, Spain. 30 year anniversery tour 22:00
SEP 26TH 2010 SUNDAY Johannes Larsen Museum, Kerteminde, Denmark. 30th Anniversery tour ................with the Indian connection 16:30
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