Posted Apr 1st 2014

John Tchicai (1936 - 2012) to whom this CD is dedicated was one of the most celebrated jazz musicians hailing
from Europe (Denmark) of our time. Pierre Dørge owes the considerable part of his musical roots to John Tchicai
whose impact on contemporary jazz is immeasurable.
“Danish composer-guitarist Pierre Dørge, like Charles Mingus before him, possesses an antic ardor for
the striking horn voicings and ruminative soundscapes of Duke Ellington, …. The other signature trait that
Dørge’s New Jungle Orchestra semi-big bands have displayed over their 30-plus years of existence is an ability
to unleash a cosmopolitan pinwheel of moods, tones and textures.” (Brittania Thompson – JazzTimes on
Sketches of India SCCD 31728)
“Talk about your pan-cultural jazz. What isn’t in here? Pierre Dørge admits all sorts of influences and
styles into the music of his New Jungle Orchestra, ..The aesthetic varies widely from tune to tune, and yet it all
feels part of the greater whole… .” (Steve Greenlee – JazzTimes on Jazz Is Like a Banana SCCD 31636)