Thommy Andersson

Born 1973, Örebro, Sweden.

Thommy Andersson has played with many national and international musicians all over the world. Participates on around 100 records, in styles ranging from punk, jazz, folkmusic, avantgarde, classical to rock, pop & electronica. Also working as orchestral arranger, composer, producer & as teacher at Conservatories in Denmark.
in 2008 he founded the record label "arecords" together with Lelo Nika.
Thommy Andersson can also be heard with The Dynamite Vikings, Lelo Nika, Josefine Cronholm, Dalia Faitelson, Thommy Andersson/Torben Snekkestad Duo & many other groups.

His first performance with NJO was in Paris, September 1997.
From October 2000 he became a full member of the ensemble.


Phone:+45 32861605
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